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When it comes to designing your new bathroom you might find it to be quite difficult especially if you are not sure of where to start. It will be a large challenge when your eyes are looking at the tub, toilet, and sink, knowing that they can not be moved easily. The largest change that will occur in your new bathroom is the vanity. It will contrast what you want without removing the fixtures.

When people walk into any bathroom, the bathroom vanity is the first thing that they notice because it is right by the entrance. They will usually look at the bathroom vanity in detail because most people will use the sink along with looking at themselves before leaving the bathroom. The reason guests study the vanity as they are visiting the bathroom is because their attention is not being consumed by conversation. This gives them time to concentrate on the detailing. 


Before you begin any kind of plan on how to decorate your bathroom you need to survey your options for bathroom vanity styles. Decorating your bathroom will usually consist of only aesthetic changes of the room not changing the toilet and shower (unless you wish for a major overhaul!).



Have you ever stopped and wondered why your bathroom vanity is such an important element in your bathroom setting? The biggest reason it has a higher value placed on it compared to all of the other fixtures in the bathroom is because you have total control over it.
There are many people that invest in a new shower curtain along with a new set of bathroom rugs that will set off the new bathroom style. These items are usually last minute decisions because the vanity and the matching mirror need to be decided first. The style of bathroom vanity that you decide makes the whole theme of the bathroom including the style to continue with.
When coming up with a different theme for your bathroom, there is a possibility that you didn’t even consider purchasing a new vanity. The mirror that is above the sink is a crucial piece in your bathroom because it can be changed out regularly when the other types of bathroom fixtures are permanent due to the way the piping is laid out.

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